Tannefors Center

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Tannefors Center

Linköping grows so it's cracking. Tannefors, which has been a district of Linköping, and, according to the new city planning, will become part of the inner city. The trainstation will also be moved closer to Tannefors Center and will be somewhere at the beginning of the GamlaTanneforsvägen, which Tannefors Center is also located at. Linköping City Airport terminal is only 400 meters from Tannefors Center. Much is going on nearby Tannefors Center. The SAAB landing path will be moved 600 meters outwards (east), allowing space for Linköping's expansion across the river where Tannefors is located. In total, it will build up 10000 apartments, thousands of workplaces near the Tannefors Center. It will bring great business opportunities by being close to the center of events. Being a neighbor with SAAB with about 4,500 employees is also not a bad thing. If you have a lot of cooperation with SAAB, you may not get much closer. So rent premises by us. Do as our tenants who have moved or are moving from the city center to us. Get away from very expensive rents, to the idyllic and quiet district and Tannefors Center. After the work you will fit a gymnastic at Friskis & Svettis. Welcome!

Tannefors C     Ytan m2

Kontor                8222

Utbildning          4250

Restaurang       1000

Industri                363

Lager/Förråd       150

Källare               2100

Totalt:               16085