Cooperation & Investment

Cooperation & Investment

We have invested a lot in our properties. We have, among other things, completed three hotels / hostels, one of which is in Mariestad, which we now want to rent / lease / sell. But there is a limit to what can be accomplished by ourself. We need cooperation/investment. The property in central Linköping is 14000 m2 close to everything. As the town grows over the river and that the SAAB landing run is being moved, there will be incredibly great opportunities for good investment with housing / student apartments / apartment hotel / hotel. Proximity to SAAB is definitely a plus. SAAB with its 4,500 employees creates great demand for everything from hotel nights, to conferences, meals and housing. Not only will it be built by the new travel center as well as the neighborhood around it with its tens of thousands of homes and offices creating many new opportunities. Linköping municipality intends to densify Tannefors, which becomes the new part of the inner city. The property in Tannefors Center usually only has two floors and a flat roof. That provides a very good prerequisite for building on top of the current roof with steel construction and glass. This will generate new attractive apartments and a good return on investment. Are you interested? Or interested in our other objekts, as to set up a whole factory with 14 hectare mark and 14000 sqm buildings, with accommodation facility for upp to 100 peoples? Sweden has a very kindly investment-climate compared with other countries. Here you can feel free, with a beautiful nature and fresh air.

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Tannefors Center

Gamla Tanneforsvägen 17C

582 54 Linköping

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Waterside Mariestad

Oxvägen 5

542 45 Mariestad

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Viskan Recreation

Hjältan 350

840 13 Torpshammar

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Waterfront Härnösand

Hospitalsgatan 6

871 31 Härnösand

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