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Close to the nature

Viskan is a small idyllic village, 50 km west of Sundsvall on the border with Ånge municipality. Sure, it's a bit special with the village. In the beautiful scenery, the movie "Miraklet i Viskan" was recorded here. And it has made the village a little celebrity, and the beauty of the area is discovered by more and more tourists. The village is located directly on the water, which has been discharged by the power plant, about 4 km further down the river Ljungan. The not too high mountains and the wide open valleys form together with the river and the dam into a magnificent yet beautiful landscape like a virgin lying on the valley. Also be sure to enjoy the stunning wide view up from the top of the mountain Flataklocken, where just Sweden's geographic center lies. Enjoy the lake with the water that mirrors the full moon so incredibly beautiful. The water, the mountains and the magnificent river valley attract more and more people to walk right here on the Ljungadalsleden. In winter, the Getberget ski slope is close to Viskan. And then you have the popular ski resort Hassela at about 60 km distance. There are also snowmobile trails far into the northern forest. You can exchange the actions by ice-fishing in one of the lakes up on the mountains. These are just a few exemplary of the activities available. Read more by clicking on the related links. Here you are really close to everything, except the big city! It's Wisdom! Welcome!