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The pearl of Vänern!

A beautiful seaside right next to the beach of Sweden's largest lake of Vänern. You will never forget the promenade along the beach during the sunset a beautiful summer day. Understand that there are more and more tourists in Mariestad and enjoy this pearl of Lake Vänern. Mariestad is also a student city with about 200 students, but the municipality intends to increase the number to 2000. Mariestad had been a residential city, and still today you can see yesterday's glory. See the stately "cathedral" that boasts so well along the water. Experience the harmony that prevails when you walk in the alleyways between the old houses in original condition. Experience the beauty that King Charles IX founded in 1583, and named the city after his wife, Maria of Palatinate. The purpose was to create a trading and shopping city, strategically located in Vadsbo, in northern Västergötland. Here you will also pass the well-known Göta Canal, and in the summer there will be countless boats from near and far.

The welcomes to the seaside town of Mariestad - The pearl of Vänern!