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Linköping is a popular university city with approximately 160000 inhabitants, and the curve points straight up and is now Sweden's fifth largest municipality after Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala. Linköping Municipality with one of the country's strongest economies and a successful business community with SAAB in the lead, goes as train. The city is growing so it's cracking. Now Linköping will cross the river and the town will be round with Tannefors as part of the inner city. The train station also crosses the river and will end at the beginning of Gamla Tanneforsvägen. The relocation of the airport ruan-way will enable the construction of 10,000 new apartments and maybe 10,000 new workplaces, including the possibility of rebuilding the Tannefors Center, for example, into a residential building. Where the old fire station lay, it will build about 200 apartments, with a sales price of approximately 60000kr / sqm. Tannefors Center will then end up between the new travel center and the airport terminal 400 meters away. This means that the location is also perfect for establishing a hotel here. The neighbor SAAB with 4,500 employees, will probably hire an additional 1000 people, constitutes a strong customer base for all sorts of business.

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